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English Learner Advisory Committee



To better serve our English Learner Population we are required to form an advisory committee dedicated solely to serve this population.  Please consider serving and/or attending our meetings if you have a student designated as an English Learner.  Below is a list of items that the committee oversees to ensure English Learners are receiving the most appropriate education program.


The District’s Shared Vision and Values are the foundation for the school’s Mission:


  • Offer quality language programs to ensure opportunities to develop multiliteracy for all students.
  • Monitoring system to ensure the required progress in English proficiency and mastery of grade level standards is attained by all English Learners.
  • Broad commitment and leadership devoted to language acquisition and multiliteracy by all District staff.
  • Unity of purpose in site implementation of programs for language acquisition and development.
  • Sufficient resources for quality curriculum, leadership, staffing, and professional growth needs.
  • A District-wide data collection system to ensure quality education for all second language learners.
  • Full inclusion of parents/community in the educational process and program planning.


Services and Support Offered:


  • English Learner Services
  • English Language and Literacy Programs for English Learners
  • Textbook adoption
  • Services and Support
  • State and Federal Programs:  Title I, Title III
  • Staff Development
  • EL Instructional Assistant Support and Paraprofessional Development
  • Language Proficiency Assessments
  • Compliance Program Monitoring (CPM)
  • English Language Acquisition Program (ELAP)
  • District English Language Advisory Committee (DELAC)
  • English Language Development program monitoring