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  • Students need regular attendance so that they may progress educationally, socially, and emotionally.  

  • Children with excessive absences fall behind in school and the family will be placed on SARB contract.      

  • Students who fall behind become easily frustrated with school and often want to stop coming. 

  • Students in grades 1-8 are not allowed more than 15 days of absence per school year.

  • Students that have exceeded the 15 maximum days will be required to make up the time after school 

or during summer school and possibly recommended for retention in their current grade. (Please note

that the SARB process begins with 3 or more unexcused absences.)

  • Illness related absences need a doctor’s note for each day the student is absent in order to be cleared as excused

  • The parent/guardian has three days once the student returns to clear the absence as excused

Students who become ill at school may not ride the bus home.  

  • When a serious illness or injury arises, every attempt will be made to contact the parent. 

  • It is very important to have at least two phone numbers of people that we can contact.

  • It is a good idea to give them prior permission to transport your child. 


Parents must call or send a note with their student verifying their absence. 

  • This will ensure that your child is at school and not cutting classes.  

  • Notification must be made prior to your child returning to school.  

Short Term Independent Study is available to students that will be absent for 5 or more days consecutively.  

Note:  The state of California penalizes the school for all absences, excused or unexcused.



The beginning of a school year brings new importance to students’ school attendance and coming to school on time.  Students and parents are reminded that attendance and coming to school on time are vital for a successful school experience.


The only excused tardies are illness, doctor and dentist appointments, funeral attendance of an immediate family member, court appearances, and religious services.  All other tardiness is defined in the Education Code as truant.


The first bell rings at 7:55am.  The second bell rings at 8:00am.  Students entering after the 8:00am bell are tardy.  

Students who come to school late will be assigned to detention during recess each day he/she is tardy.  Excessive tardies may result in a referral to SARB.

This procedure is necessary because we cannot serve your child if he/she is not here and on time!  Class time is vital if a child is to succeed.  


Please make sure your child attends school and comes on time!