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Student Leadership

What is ASB?

ASB stands for Associated Student Body. When ASB is referred to, it means the group of
students that is selected and elected to represent the entire student body of Riverview School.

What does an outstanding ASB member do?


  • Is an example; models the values and traditions at Riverview School.
  • Is positive, looks for solutions, focuses on the good, views problems as opportunities and exhibits enthusiasm.
  • Accepts responsibilities for his/her actions, gets things done and makes things happen.
  • Is dependable, punctual, and uses good time-management practices.
  • Is trustworthy and loyal. Refuses to participate in gossip, rumors, or put-downs.
  • Is inclusive; makes it a habit to involve others and reaches out to those who do not regularly get involved.
  • Is able to problem-solve, sets worthwhile goals, develops effective action plans, successfully achieves their goals and manages time judiciously.
  • Delegates effectively.
  • Is service-oriented and selfless - more concerned with serving others than getting the credit.
  • Demonstrates teamwork and interacts effectively with others in the roles of independent worker, co-worker, team leader, and/or group leader.
  • Handles problems or disagreements directly and honestly while carefully maintaining confidence.

What does ASB do?

ASB is responsible for three main objectives:

1.      Providing student activities that raise school spirit and assist in creating a positive
school culture.
2.      Managing the finances of all student groups (clubs and sports) according to State
accounting policies.
3.      Representing the voice of Riverview School students to staff, school district, and
the community.