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Students will each have a chance to choose an instrument to specialize in

Beginning in sixth grade, students are given a chance to enroll in their school's band program. 

Students will spend their first year learning the basics of their chosen instrument, and will perform in several concerts.

In 7th and 8th grade, the music gets more challenging and rewarding! Students will enjoy the variety of music that is possible to play.

Students will learn quickest if they practice their instrument regularly! The more time spent working on their instrument, the faster they will be able to play fun music with their friends!



Band students get to perform in a lot of fun places and travel too!

Once students learn the basics of playing their instrument, many performances are possible. 

Students will perform for their peers and families in several concerts a year.

Students will also be given special opportunities to perform for the community, including trips out of town. 

Students in eighth grade will also be given opportunities to perform with the high school band students on the football field as they get ready for new challenges and fun opportunities in high school!


Why Choose

Being in Band offers your child a lifetime of opportunities

Band is a lot of fun, and students get a chance to attend sporting events together and promote school spirit. 

Band offers students a place to belong, where they can enjoy activities with their classmates for years to come. 

Band students perform a lot and get to travel while doing it. 

Colleges and Universities look for students who participate in band because it shows students are well rounded.

Music classes promote academic achievement. Students involved in band are likely to succeed in their academic courses.